Cannot switch camera


I hosted the reactjs sample app (web) on my domain and open it on chrome android
I cannot switch to back camera. It alway show front camera

Here is the screen capture video:

Please help!

Web Video SDK: 1.5.1
Device: Chrome 106 on Android 8.1

Hey @thanh.huynh

Thanks for your feedback.

On mobile devices, we suggest using the FacingMode as the camera ID. MobileVideoFacingMode | Zoom Video SDK for Web - 1.5.1


So how can I switch to back camera?
Can you give me the code?
Because the code in the sample app doesn’t work

Will this work?

Hey @thanh.huynh

Yes. That’s right. Also, you can use the exported object MobileVideoFacingMode.Environment.


Ok it works now
Thank you!

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