Do Zoom Web SDK support switching camera front and back on Android, IOS and Tablet browsers

We have a Zoom integration in our React App using an iFrame and using Client view.
Everything works fine on Desktop browsers but on Android, IOS, and Tablet, we can’t switch the camera front and back (the camera permission on those browsers is enabled)

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone XR
  • OS: iOS 16.6

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Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. I understand that you “can’t switch the camera from front to back (the camera permission on those browsers is enabled)”. Could you provide more details on what you have tried, and share any code snippets or screen recordings that demonstrate the behavior you are experiencing?

Hi @donte.zoom . Thank you for your reply
Here is my screenshot when I click the “Select Camera” button on zoom websdk iframe (Chrome version 119)

After I click the “Back Camera” Button, the final result is still Front Camera and nothing changes at all (same error happens on Safari)

Thank you for your response! Can you share what happens when you first press the “Back Camera” button? Is it the case that the “Back Camera” does not change?

Hi @donte.zoom,
When I first press the “Back Camera” button, it is automatically changed to “Front Camera” like the first picture

@childishguy6929 ,

Okay, to clarify, are you saying that you are unable to switch to “Back Camera”, Even when it is the first camera you select?

@donte.zoom ,
Yes, it is true. I know that zoom websdk has limited support on browsers on Android or IOS but we can’t use zoom mobile SDK in this case right now. Is there any way we could switch camera from the front to back and vice versa?

Hi @donte.zoom ,
So based on what we talked above, Does zoom websdk support switching cameras on Android or IOS web?

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