Cannot terminate a session


I´m having problems terminating the session.

When I use the method


It works as it is supposed to…(Just leaving the session).

But when I set the leaveSession parameter to true… The session that is supposed to terminate, did not terminate and I do not leave the session… The onLeave delegate is never reached…

Just one more info: leaveSession returns ZoomVideoSDKErrors_Success(0).

I am missing something… Could anyone help me?

Hi @kadu_cemo,

Can you please confirm whether the current user is the host of the session when you call this? Also, what is the return value of leaveSession?


Hi Jon,

The user who is terminating the session is the Host… So I´ve been coding lately and I found out that problem happens only when I create my session in a Thread different from main thread. So if I use the main thread from my app (the one that deals with my GUI) this problem disappears… :thinking:

Does it make any sense?

Thank you in advance…

Hi @kadu_cemo,

All SDK methods should only be accessed on the main thread. I think our documentation had mentioned this, but it seems like it was accidentally removed. I’ll work with our documentation team on getting this info added back in.


Hi Jon,

Thanks for you reply… I´ll will do as you told me so.

You’re welcome! And if you run into any other issues please don’t hesitate to reach back out in a new topic. :slightly_smiling_face: