Cannot upload files to the "technical design" section

I’m trying to upgrade my app version (in another zoom account)
in order to do that I have to fill the Technical Design section which required files uploading.
The files uploading does not work, after uploading a file, it loads for a while and then return to it’s initial state without the file.

When I tried to submit the form without the file I got a message which says the files are required.

Hi @liorsw ,

So sorry to hear that this is happening to you. To be able to help you further could you tell me the app name along with the client id? If you would feel more comfortable sending this to me via DM that works as well.

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Hi @catalina.diaz , thanks for your response,
I could not figure out how to send a DM so I send it here

App name:

Hi @liorsw I can continue this conversation through DM. You should find this when clicking on your profile picture and hitting the mail icon.