Can't find an option to flip video

Hi. Is it possible to flip the host’s video with the Video SDK?

Hi Frank,

If you are the host, and looking at your own video, you can use mirrorVideo() to flip it

Hi Chun, thanks.
I want to switch my front camera to my back camera as a host so my students(participants of the video call) can see a blackboard. Currently, I am using the Video SDK for react native. I can see in the web docs that a method called switchCamera() receives a device ID. Do you know if I can use that method in the video SDK for react native? If yes, how can I get my device ID? Have a good day!

This same method switchCamera() is in react native. If you look at the example app you can see how they use this function hidden in the morePress function. It will also show you how it acquires the deviceId.

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Awesome! Thanks Samuel. l already tried the switch camera functionality with the React Native SDK and it’s working perfectly. I appreciate your help.

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