Can't GET meetings for users

  1. I pulled all the users in my organization via GET zoom/v2/users/
  2. I have created a meeting via POST zoom/v2/users/:userId/meetings (used the user UUID from step 0)
  3. When I try to retrieve meetings for the same user uuid it returns zero results. GET zoom/v2/users/:userId/meetings
  4. When I try to retrieve meeting details using the meeting uuid returned from the Post in step 1 I get a 404 with the body of HTML for the 404 page. GET zoom/v2/meetings/:meetingId

My app has the following scopes:

I retrieved my bearer token via oauth after these scopes were selected and saved in the marketplace portal.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

note: zoom/ is short hand for since the forum isn’t letting me add multiple links to my post :frowning:

Hi @alex.unger,

In step 1), do you receive a successful response? You shouldn’t be receiving a 404 error, can you share the actual request payloads so that we can take a closer look?



  • Accept: application/json, application/xml
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Authorization: Bearer

I get a 404 which leads me to think the meeting ID is wrong. It has a / in it which might be messing up the parse of the url params

I think I figured it out that I was using the UUID not the ID

@alex.unger, we can only support meeting ID(Number) in this GetMeeting API.