Create meeting API gives 404 error for some users not others

When using the{userId}/meetings api i get a 404 for one particular user (the first 10 users all seem fine)

I added my email to our clients account as a test (not reading properly so didnt realize it was moving my account to theirs but thats on me for doing what i blame our users for, not reading, anyway) and still had the same issue but after some stuffing about about i came here and i saw a post from 2017 where a response said to use the uuid rather than email (which i had originally thought to try but dismissed as silly) , which worked.

This is a rather esoteric bug, i dont know if its a >10th user issue or something to do with how the user was added, is there any solution where we can use the email rather than name, i don’t particularly fancy having to have the client enter the user names and UUIDs and parse out uuid to send to the API

404 Not Found

API Endpoint/s?{userId}/meetings

Hi @_Tim
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum! I am happy to help here!

Ok, so let’s break this down to make sure that I am understanding this correctly.
When you try to create a meeting for a particular user you are getting a 404 (let’s say this is the user 11?)

When you added yourself as a user into your clients account, you were able to create the meeting, BUT you were not able to create it using your email and you had to user your userID?

Pretty much.

Our client has 12 users, users 11 and 12 could not add a meeting using their username in the api , but could if using the userid in the api, but the first 10 users it seemed we could use either.

Interesting @_Tim

Could you please open up a ticket with support here:

And make sure to share the email associated with the account is having this issues and and we will look into that.


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