Can't get sample-web-app to connect

Part of my issue (I think) is that since the developer site has moved to the app marketplace, the documentation on how to create the app secret, etc, is no longer relevant:

Maybe I am doing this incorrectly, maybe I shouldn’t even be in the app marketplace trying to create the secrets?

There are other issues, such as ambiguity on what the “Meeting Number” should look like. For instance, do I include the dashes or not, etc… However, I have tried all those options, I think.

Further, there is ambiguity on the exact method to “start a meeting” so I can test from my local PC.

All that aside, I try to “Join” in the example and nothing happens with either the CDN or Local version. No debug info in the terminal, etc, etc… So, it just looks like nothing happens.

Before I really start digging into the code, without having successfully deployed the example, is there any “complete” video or documentation out there that shows setup / running of the example in the new / current environment?

Hi @paulfowler,

  1. To get your JS SDK credentials, please refer to the prerequisites page on how to obtain your SDK credentials[0].
  2. For the meeting number, use the number without the dashes. For example - 123456789.
  3. To start a meeting, you can refer to Join a meeting link. The only thing you would change is the Role to 1[1].
    • When downloading the sample web app, the only changes you will need to do is adding in your API Key, API Secret, Meeting Number, and Role to 1(if you want to start the meeting).

[0] -
[1] -

Let us know if this helps.

Interestingly, I can’t follow the instructions on the prerequisite’s page. That is leading me to believe I don’t have developer privs. My original assumption was that the prerequisite page instructions were simply incorrect since moving to the app marketplace.

Thank you,
Paul Fowler

Hi @paulfowler,

Yes, please make sure you have developer privileges. Which steps are you not seeing within the marketplace?


I am going to “take back” my statement on missing steps. Lack of developer privs means I can only use OAuth… The others are grayed out.

I also had a bad tendency when reading the instructions to go to the old site. That may have just been me.

Closing old topic.