Can't get shareScreen canvas and not showing the select screen modal when start share screen

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My app is using 2 sessions for 2 seperate functions. One for video call and one for screen sharing.
When users want to make video call, they can create 1 session and when they want to share screen, they can create another session.
When they want to change from video call to screen sharing, they’ll have to remove 1 session and create new for screen sharing.

But sometime, i have this issues:

  1. When change from video call to screen sharing, the screen doesn’t show the modal to select select screen

  2. When 1 user is sharing screen succesfully, another user can’t see it.

I check the console it failed to get canvas.

When i reset the browser, this issues gone.

I thought this issue maybe is because of internet issue but I get it even when I have stable connection. Can you pls help me to solve this issue? And is it right to use 2 sessions?

As you can see, when user can see the screen shared, it’s will return the
URL: “https://……”

Hi @nguyen.hoangtue ,

Thanks for your post. First, to address the multiple sessions, you can achieve both pieces of functionality (video calling & screen sharing) within one session. Would you like to have the video call and the shared screen showed concurrently?

Additionally, in regards to the ‘canvas is falsy’ error, the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not your browser supports MediaStreamTrackProcessor. This will determine whether or not you render your shared-screen media with a video tag or a canvas tag (our supporting documentation is here). Have you checked for this yet? If not, you can do so by typing ‘typeof window.MediaStreamTrackProcessor’ into your browser console, and seeing if it returns ‘function’.


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