Can't join meeting as an atendee

i can join any meeting that i have created through my web app integration, but only as a host, if i try to join as an atendee there appears an error: “The meeting has ended”, “Stop joining the meeting”, as we can see on the following image (i translated from spanish):
i need be capable to join as an atendee (is a software requirement).

so the creation and use of the meetings is working, i only had that error while trying to join a meeting as atendee (role 0 on the signature request).

any suggestion or idea is aprecciated, thanks!

Hey @miltongutierrezsaban,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. What version of the Web SDK are you using? I would try testing with our Sample Web App which will ensure that you’re testing with reference code at the latest version.


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