Web SDK integration - unable to join as host

Am trying to integrate web sdk via node.js and am able to join the meeting when i select the role = 0.
However when i change the role=1 and create a signature i get “Failed to join the meeting”

I have already read your thread on meetings created under JWT app can only start the meeting. So in our case, we have a master account under which we are creating users via the zoom apis using JWT API KEY and Secret. So the meetings created by users are under the same JWT app account. But still am getting the error.

PFA the attached image.

Which version?
Am using web SDK 1.7.9


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All browsers

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I have seen this issue when either the email address is incorrect or signature is wrong. Sometimes - this also happens when the user is trying to do this but another meeting is going on. This is typical in the case of automation

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Hey @atanu.mallick,

Can you share your Web SDK signature to developersupport@zoom.us that you generated when you saw this error?

Thanks for your suggestions @nitin1! :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy,

My Earlier issue got resolved. I had used the script provided with the sample-zoom-generate signature. However, i changed it to using ZoomMtg.generateSignature() and seemed to work like a charm.
However, am facing another issue now wherein am not able to join the meeting via computer audio or start my camera as it says your browser is preventing access.

Our site is served on https. Also i enabled the use of mic and camera from browser settings. Still the same issue.

Let me know if you want me to start a new thread on this.

Hey @atanu.mallick,

Glad to hear you got the signature issue working!

Yes, please start a new thread.


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