Can't see meet register participants

I have created a meet, and I’ve added a participant using the API, I didn’t have errors from the API, but when I try to fetch my meets, Zoom returns an empty array, I have to say that I can see my meet in my profile’s meets section so… I don’t know whats happening.

The API doesn’t return my participants or even my meets

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Its is an OAuth app

Which Endpoint/s?
Im using this one to retrive my meetings

And this one to add people

Additional context
None of my request of creating a meet or, adding a participant o even listing my meets gave me errors, the thing is that I can’t get my data back from the API.


Hi @kopodc,

Can you share an example of the exact request (URL, Body, Response) that’s returning an empty array? This will help me to debug.


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