Invalid meeting ID for registrants after creating meeting via API

I’ve created meetings for users via the Zoom API. These users are part of our Zoom account already. For each of the created meetings, I’ve also registered 1 or more users for that meeting. These registrants are not part of our zoom account. When registering the users, I don’t receive any errors.

When viewing the created meeting through the Zoom user’s page, if I click on registrants, the registrants pop up will show up, but will not show the registrants. Instead it shows ‘Invalid Meeting Id’.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

No errors are thrown when creating registrants for the meeting"/meetings/" + meetingid + "/registrants", {
    first_name: examiner.first,
    last_name: examiner.last
}).then(res => {
.catch(error => {
    let log = `${timestamp()} [ERROR] ${JSON.stringify(, null, 4)}`;
    logLine(logStream, log);

Screenshots (If applicable)


Calling the endpoint /v2/report/meetings/meetingid/participants with the created meeting id yields:
“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: meetingid.”

Hey @aweed1,

This is strange! Can you private message me the affected meeting ID?


Hey @tommy, thanks for the continued support!

I did some digging and I think this is what is happening

When I click into a user’s meetings (by clicking Users, searching the name, clicking the name, clicking on their meetings, then the meeting) I cannot see the meeting registrants unless I am the host of the meeting.

I tested this with a colleague. He was able to see the registrants for the meeting he was a host of, but I was not. (This was a meeting that I had generated from the API, using a JWT)

Am I misunderstanding the API? I’ve also noticed that when querying for these meetings, I will get

    "code": 3001,
    "message": "Meeting does not exist: xxxxxxxxxxxxx."

I’ll PM you some of the meeting ids, this seems to be happening for any meeting I create via the API where I am not a host.

Hey @aweed1,

Thanks for the additional details.

Is this user a user on your Zoom account?