Can't use OAuth 2 api's to cURL into api and get new access token and refresh token

I need to get a new access token and a refresh token using OAuth via cURL. I have worked with Jakob at Zoom support and he helped me set it up in Postman 2. When I copy that into a cURL statement from my software (FileMaker Pro cURL function), I do not get back both tokens.

Instead, I get this error: {“reason”:“Invalid client_id or client_secret”,“error”:“invalid_client”}

The cURL request I copied from Postman looks like this:

xcurl --location --request POST ‘
–header ‘Authorization: Basic key:secret’
–header ‘Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN’

The Endpoints and command are in the cURL statement above, and the token info has been truncated along with the auth info.

To run this in FileMaker, I have to enclose the entire string above in double quotes, but all that does is render what is between the quotes, which matches the info above.

I have verified the refresh token and the access token strings, but no luck.

Any help is really appreciated.

Hey @Don,

It appears you are setting both Basic, and Bearer authentication in this CURL request.

To make things easier, have you considered using a JWT Token instead of OAuth? You can call our APIs immediately via:

curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer JWT_TOKEN_HERE'

When using CURL, I recommend using JWT.


Thanks, Tommy. JWT doesn’t work to download Zoom recording links. An Oauth Access token is required for that function.


Hey @Don,

JWT Tokens should work to download recording links. Try adding this query param to the end of the download_url:



Will do. Support was my indicated that an Oauth token was needed. I’ll give it a try.

Thank you.

Give it a try and let me know if you run into any trouble! :slight_smile:


I am able to grab the download link, but I when I try to open it (even on the browser where I am logged in to Zoom) I get this error message:

Whitelabel Error Page

This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.

Wed Jan 15 02:01:43 GMT 2020

There was an unexpected error (type=Not Acceptable, status=406).

Could not find acceptable representation

Hey @Don,

Can you please share the download link you are using so I can debug?


Sure thing, Tommy:

This is the cURL request I sent:

“curl --location --request GET
–header ‘Authorization: Bearer JWT’”

Thanks for all you help. I really appreciate it.

Hey @Don,

I was able to download the recording via this url:

Please try pasting that url replacing JWT_TOKEN_HERE with your JWT Token and see if it downloads the recording.


Sorry for the delayed response, Tommy. Your idea worked perfectly! I am able to download the files now and listen to them.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Glad to hear it is working! :slight_smile:

You are welcome!