Capacity not appearing on ZR scheduling display when set with PATCH call

I did raise a ticket with Zoom Support, but they closed it and directed me back to the Developer Community!

Link the API endpoint to give context.

When updating a ZR profile, I can’t get the room capacity to appear on the scheduling display.
Confirmed that a capacity is set, and that I’ve set the show_room_capacity_on_the_scheduling_display boolean value to TRUE, but nothing appears.

No error, but there’s no change on the scheduling display.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Example body in the PATCH call:

    "capacity": 10,
    "show_room_capacity_on_the_scheduling_display": "True"

Should this appear on the display?
I don’t see this setting within the ZR WebUI…is it new/old/deprecated?

I’ve re-tested this today, and found that it does work.

However, it doesn’t have the same capability on a Reservation Only room, presumably because in the back-end this is a workspace, and not a Zoom Room.

I’ll raise this separately - marking this as resolved.

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