I'm sure I am posting in the wrong forum but

My company is considering developing Android hardware for a Zoom Room Controller. In reading the requirements document it mentions supporting the Zoom API for several hardware features (LED indicators, CO2 sensor, etc.) of the controller. This is reverse from all the documentation that I’m finding. These APIs would be provided by me and consumed by the Zoom app instead of provided by Zoom and consumed by the developer. Does anyone know where this documentation might be?


Hi @mark.smith,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help out however I can. Is it possible to share the documentation you’re referencing for the requirements, so that I can take a closer look? :slight_smile:

And just in case, have you seen our Zoom Rooms API docs here:


Sorry, I don’t see a way to share the pdf docs here so I did a screen shot of the first two pages of each doc. I got these from my business development person, so I don’t have a URL for them. It may be that I have to go back through BD to get more information but thanks for taking a look. Hmm. seems I’m allowed only one pic

Hi @mark.smith,

I see—thank you for confirming.

Since our Zoom Rooms products and certification process are handled by our Technical Support team, I will recommend that you raise a request with additional questions to them directly here. As they’re the experts in this domain, they’ll be best suited to assist.


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