Capturing individualised videos of each participant

Hi, I was wondering, if I am conducting a Zoom Lecture with multiple students participating, is it possible for me to use the Zoom SDK to capture the video footage of each individual student? Can I capture the video feed of the participant’s webcam or do I need to request them to upload it to a server?

Which Desktop Client SDK version?
I am currently looking into Windows, but hope to develop this cross platform.

Hi @sidneysuen0, thanks for using the dev forum.

This is currently not possible with the Client SDKs. You could achieve this behavior with the Video SDK, however the Video SDK is session based and sessions are not compatible with Zoom meetings.


Hi, thanks for the reply.
Just to clarify, when you say that “sessions are not compatible with Zoom meetings”, does that mean that users cannot access the session in the way they normally would a typical Zoom meeting, such as clicking a Zoom Meeting link?

Hi @sidneysuen0,

Correct. The Video SDK’s sessions are similar to Zoom meetings in concept only, and you would not be able to use the Zoom client to join one. If you were to pursue that option, only users with your Video SDK app installed would be able to join a session that was created with it.


Hi, I understand that we need to
Choose a Video SDK Plan, how does the “Pay as you go” model work? Are the first 10,000 minutes free, then we need to pay for the minutes afterwards?

Hi, I was wondering if Zoom itself has the features I described implemented?

Hi @sidneysuen0,

As stated on the checkout page, the first 10,000 minutes per month are free for that plan. Afterwards, each minute is $0.0035.

For any additional questions, please feel free to create a new thread over in #desktop-video-sdk. :slightly_smiling_face:


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