Regarding Zoom SDKs

Below is a use case of our business - I appreciate if you can tell if the ZOOM platform can support this use case and how i.e., what are my options, which APIs and how the billing will be calculated:

  1. The lecturer is at one location and students are in a remote location. all have tablets

  2. Lecturer open virtual room for a lesson and invites students to join

  3. The lecturer can see, control and mute the students

  4. At any moment the lecturer starts a “video session” in which students start to videoing from their tablet’s camera. the video should include also audio.

  5. Videos from students’ tablet should be live-streamed with no delay to the lecturer (the lecturer can select between all the broadcasted videos and watch them and listen to the audio)

  6. At any time, the lecturer can end the video session. the videos of each student must be ready immediately at the server to replay and watch

  7. The lecturer can start multiple video sessions in one lesson

  8. The lecturer can end the lesson

Hi @erzshalom,

Thanks for the post. What you are mentioning is possible, besides No. 7. It is not supported for a host/attendee to be in multiple meetings at the same time on the same device(If the lecturer has multiple devices, he/she could be in multiple lessons at the same). Do you want to integrate the above services into your own app? If so, you may consider using Zoom Client SDK. If not, you may use the Zoom Client directly.