Chaperone/hidden participants


Trying to integrate twilio to zoom and been trying to do discovery on participants, but cant find much on the topic…

Would it be possible to have control over the participants using the Video SDK and building the UI around it? Specifically chaperone/compliance participants who may be hidden participants in the meeting with manager role…Can we hide video and names from the participants list?

Any docs on zoom participants/users/user roles would be greatly appreciated…


hi @orent1983 ,

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you can choose not to render video for certain participants and only render audio/feed audio to them. Theoretically, you can assign the chaperone/compliance participants as hosts (by giving them roleType: 1, as described here) when you join them in the session, but skip rendering their video or name. Their user id, however, will not be hidden from the participant list when retrieving session info. But this will only show if you call a method to display the session information. Otherwise, it is not readily shown.