Hide specific participant(s) from the meeting using Meeting SDK (web)

I am writing to request a new feature that would help the way we manage meetings and webinars on Zoom. As a frequent user of your platform, I have noticed that there is currently no way to hide a participant with a specific user ID, similar to how we can hide non-video participants.

I believe that enabling this feature would be an incredible addition to the already impressive suite of tools available on Zoom. With this new functionality, hosts could hide participant(s) without having to remove them from the meeting entirely. This would allow for more efficient and productive meetings, as well as provide greater control over who is participating in each session.

Furthermore, this feature could be particularly useful for large-scale events such as conferences or webinars where hosts need to manage hundreds of attendees. By being able to quickly and easily hide specific participants with their user IDs, hosts can ensure that their event runs smoothly and without interruption.

In conclusion, I would highly request you to consider implementing this feature in future updates. It has the potential to greatly enhance the overall experience of using Zoom and make it an even more valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi @amit.ranjan, great questions. Welcome to the DevForum! I see the value in wanting to use the Meeting SDK for meeting & webinar management, but I suggest there are other more suited tools.

Participant visibility is a core component of transparency in Meetings and Webinars and is not something we would want applications to be able to control through the Meeting SDK. For some background on Meeting/Webinar visibility rules: End-users can configure their own client settings, for example, one person choosing to display non-video participants or pinning other participants in a meeting. Participants joining a Meeting intentionally have separate and individual control over their views and clear visibility into the participants/clients who have joined. A Meeting host can spotlight a participant but the view is ultimately left to each participant (and their device) to control. Webinars will have an increased level of control over end-user views, where the experience is intended more for a presenter + audience relationship, rather than as a collaborative experience in Meetings.

There are other more suited options for controlling the end user views:

I’d recommend taking a look at Zoom Apps for managing meetings and webinars as an app authorized by the host/co-hosts. The Zoom Apps SDK could be used to manage webinars, control breakout rooms, and create dynamic immersive user interfaces within the meeting/webinar. A great example of this would be Twine, which uses the Zoom Apps breakout room APIs to manage events.

For the most control over end-user video experiences, use the Video SDK (for web). This SDK allows you to build apps powered by Zoom’s core video technology with full control over the end-user (participant) experience. Using your own UI, your client application would control video session management for either type of event, be it more collaborative like Meetings or presentation-focused like Webinars. Using the command channel, you can control session experiences with custom-built event listeners.

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