Chat API endpoints


Do any API endpoints exist for interacting with (get/post) chats for an ongoing meeting. I had seen a couple of simple endpoints for archived chats, but nothing for ongoing/live meetings.

If there aren’t any accessible endpoints now, are there any plans to make them available in the future?


Hi Robert,


I’ll review this with the team and keep you updated.


Hello is there any update on this?


Hi Sae, 

Currently, we will introduce archived chat for our V2 API, which will be available during our June release. I will check with the team about chat for live meetings.  




Hi Michael

Thank you for you reply. OK, we will look forward to your update.


any updates? would be super handy to be able to interact with the live chat through the API :wink:


Hi Everyone, 

We should have our IM APIs ready by August but you’ll need to register your app with our marketplace. Please see our marketplace docs -



Hi Michael

thanks for this great news

btw your link returns 404, please check.


Hi Sae, 

Moving forward our API docs& any new updates will go to The link and new docs will be available July 16th.