Chat bot like Night_bot in Zoom

We are using Zoom meetings to do Classes and have need for a Chat bot that could answer questions and respond to specific commands. Is there anything like that or being worked on? Night_Bot and its functionality would be really awesome to have! We sometimes have 8 hour long sessions and the students could be more engaged if there was something that they could always interact with other than the instructor.


for reference

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Hi @Samsonsilver,

You can create bots that respond to commands. Have you taken a look at our docs about creating bots in our Marketplace[1]?

[1] -


Yes I have. We currently don’t have the human resources to create such a bot. I could however, edit existing code to format it for our purposes. Do you have any recommendations on where to look? And just to clarify we could host the chat bot on our computer and participants on the zoom application and zoom web app could interact with it?




Is this feature available in the Zoom Meeting Video conferencing system?



Hey @Samsonsilver,

Currently we do not have any API’s for in Meeting Chat functionality. Our Chatbots work with Zoom Chat within the Zoom Client.

We did just update our Chatbot docs to include better examples, existing code that you can test via Postman, and a tutorial on how to build a Zoom Chatbot.
The best place to host your chatbot would be a cloud service like AWS or Heroku.

Let me know if this helps!