Using the API to make chatbot in python

I have been trying to find a way to integrate a chatbot into Zoom using the API, but I can’t find anything out there on this.

What I need to do, is to be able to create a chatbot that works in meetings, that people can chat with over private messages. I need it to be made in Python so it can work with some of my other things. I will be using the new OpenAI Assistant API to create the chatbot.

Not sure if there even is any way to make what I want, but if not, any other suggestions are also welcome.

@noahviktorschenk if you want to access the chat during a meeting, you need need to create a meeting SDK bot for this use case.

You cannot access in meeting chat via API at this point in time.

@chunsiong.zoom Ah, yeah okay, thanks, Can I use Python for the Meeting SDK or does it only work with JavaScript?

@noahviktorschenk you will need to use javascript