Chat bot that can play audio in a Zoom call

Hi! I’m looking to create a chat bot app for the marketplace that can play audio in a zoom call. Is it possible for chat bots to do this at the moment, or does the API not allow this? Alternatively, are there any other ways I can create an app that can be added to a call and play audio?

Thanks very much!

Cheers, Misha

Hey @mishacajic, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Currently our Chatbots and Chat APIs are for Zoom Chat, and not In Meeting Chat.

As for creating an in meeting app that can play audio, you could have a “Bot user” of sorts Join a Zoom Meeting and play audio. To do this somewhat programmatically, you could use our SDKs.


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the reply! So through the SDK, would there be a way to invite the bot user to any in meeting chat, and receive commands through the chat to decide which audio to play? Such as, for example, a YouTube link.


Hey @mishacajic,

There is no built in way to do this.


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