Chat positioning is not functioning properly

Meeting SDK Type and Version

I’m attempting to make the chat window position properly per the documentation: developer docs url/docs/meeting-sdk/web/component-view/positioning/ and marketplaceurl/sdk/meeting/web/components/interfaces/InitOptions.html
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However when I place a relative or absolute positioned item for the chat to attach to, it appears somewhat distant from that element.


Example repo: meetingsdk-web-sample/Components/public/tools/cdn.js at main · Kikketer/meetingsdk-web-sample · GitHub

There’s no error message, just simple display issues.

Troubleshooting Routes
I’ve attempted simply having the element be absolute positioned instead of relative. I’ve tried removing everything from the dom except the two items (the root and the chat anchor element).
I’ve absolute positioned the anchor element.
I’ve tried the anchorReference: 'anchorElement', and anchorReference: 'anchorPosition', the later causing it to basically ignore the anchor element completely and rendered in the top left corners.