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I want to use web SDK component view, but after integration in my webiste, i only get a very small dragable component.
I expected a zoom view getting the while size of the wrapper component i provided to zoomAppRoot of init call.
Where is the doc or how can i manage to customize the component sizing?

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There is no doc??
the component view of SDK was made to make embedding of zoom client more flexible, but there is no doc about how to position the component with flexibility?
what is the point?

Hello, same problem here. I cannot set size, or fill my div. I can change Speaker/Ribbon/Gallery view, but can’t control size of views.

I can control position, and disable draggable, but thats all.
Is it possible to change sizes (min/max width and height for eg.) and colors?

Greetings @sebpatu and Welcome @ivan.antonijevic,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us as we always looking for ways to improve the Developer Experience. What you shared with us will continue to help us to refine the experience we provide. Below I’ve linked our help documentation on Component View Positioning Capabilities for reference:

Web Meeting SDK Component View version 2.2.0 Positioning Components

Let me know if this helps or if you have any clarifications.


Hi @donte.S,
thank you for your response, but, as I have already written, I can control position, thats works fine. Problem is sizing and styling.
Your documentation is unfortunately quite incomplete. Eg. here WidgetStyle | ZOOM Web SDK Components
we have property modifiers in WidgetStyle, but from docs I know it isn’t required and it is object type. Without object description and some example i can’t use it.


Hi, @ivan.antonijevic,

Thank you for this feedback. I agree we could improve that particular doc, and I have shared this with our internal team for consideration. As the next step, a document update request ticket has been placed, but no date is set. However, you can follow change log for the latest news, updates, and fixes.

To that end, for context, the object is a “Popper” modifier, which re-exposing the exact same argument as what this “Popper exposes. Under the hood, these pop-up menus use this library. You can check out the library below:

Let me know if this helps to answer your question.

With Care,

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