Chat Session API Help


I’ve searched the boards and I cant find this, I’m wondering if anyone is having trouble with the call above, it doesnt seem to matter what i Put in for the USERID, and also i cna make the exact same call several times in a row (using postman) and I’ll get zero results sometimes and other times I get ALL messages for the day, I cant seem to get the userID to work, the results dont show.

What my goal is, is to get ALL chat messages for a particular user in a particular day. Is there an easy way to do that?

i cant use the /chat/users/{userId}/messages call either because it requires to know who they sent it TO, which I dont have without knowing who they messaged.

Any advice on how to get this content would be appreciated, even if its multiple steps.

Hi @DarylH ,

Can you share the full request you’re submitting? I will private message you so you can paste the request

Please also share:

  • app type/request credentials
  • your role/permissions

Thank you!

thanks for responding! i’m sorry i missed it yesterday, I responded to your private message

I havent been able to hear back in private messages, so i’m going to hope someone sees this here and has some advice :slight_smile:

Hi @DarylH ,

I was OOO all last week, but I’m reviewing your message now. Thanks for your patience!