Chatbot and push notifications

I’ve created a ChatBot for internal use and functionally it works great. The problem I have is that when the ChatBot sends a message to a channel there is no push notification to the mobile app to indicate a new message. If a user types a message in the channel then a push alert is sent correctly for their message. The channel settings have the option for Push Notifications -> All Messages checked.

Is this the intended behavior or a bug?


Are you able to receive push notifications from the bot in the web client ?

Is the web client the same as the desktop one? I do get the alert on the desktop client.

Hi @matt.schertz,

I was referring to the desktop client. Can you please check if your mobile application is updated to the latest version?

If not doing so should fix the issue.


That does work on the Android app with 4.4.4 installed. What version is necessary? We have an iPhone that can only get 4.4.3 and it’s still not getting the notifications.

Hi @matt.schertz,

This looks like an unexpected behavior. Can you please send us an email to from the email id associated with the account? Please provide us the bot name as well.