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ChatBot IM Chat Messages APIs

I am reviewing and testing the /v2/im/chat/messages endpoint. I see an example of sending Message with Attachment. In the examples it shows how to attach an image, with a title and description. This is great. However, for my use case I would like to attach a csv file. Is this supported? Below is the sample POST payload for an image attachment.

“robot_jid”: “{{zoom_bot_jid}}”,
“to_jid”: “{{zoom_to_jid}}”,
“account_id”: “{{zoom_account_id}}”,
“content”: {
“head”: {
“text”: “I am a header”,
“sub_head”: {
“text”: “I am a sub header”
“body”: [{
“type”: “attachments”,
“resource_url”: “”,
“img_url”: “”,
“information”: {
“title”: {
“text”: “I am an attachment title”
“description”: {
“text”: “I am an attachment description”

Hi @grayson , I believe our chat apps docs are temporarily down so I cannot link everything and double check, but I know we have file sharing capability via Zoom Chat API endpoints:

EDIT: Here it is and csv’s are supported

I’ll follow up when everything is loading accordingly.

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Ok, thank-you so much. Looking forward to the follow up.

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Hi @grayson ,

I included the documentation in the edited message :slight_smile:

Hi Gianni,
Will you please provide specific payload example for sending over a csv file using /v2/im/chat/messages endpoint?

Hi @grayson ,

Check out the postman collection where you can see an example of “attachment” style message: Postman


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