Chatbot Templates still contains subHeader -> API call fails


In these documents, the subHead attribute is still described:

(see curl example)

If you post with a subtitle, you receive the weird answer that your message is not a valid json:

{"message":"Request content should be a valid JSON object/string","code":7001}

Without the subHead, the post works as expected. Please review the docs.


Hi @Bernd_Gewehr,

Thanks for pointing that out. We have corrected the JSON within the content to work in our docs.


I suggest to delete this page completely:

and link to the chat bot cookbook here instead:


Hi @Bernd_Gewehr,

Thanks for your input, it makes sensed to consolidate the chatbot template pages. We’ll update it accordingly.



Good choice to move that information to the chatbot cookbook.

Sorry to insist on it, but this page needs some corrections:

  • remove subhead from basic template
  • explain that the lower examples only ADD to the body payload
  • correct the drop selection image
  • fill the drop selections schema
  • correct the editable event to sendHttpMsg

Sorry but the quality of this page is horrible.


Thanks @Bernd_Gewehr, will update the details on this page soon.


When is soon? :grinning:


Still that page is available with all its errors…

Please care!