Message templates cookbook page is misleading

On the message cookbook page

there are some things misleading:

The wrong image on chapter

shows buttons where should be a dropdown.

The dropdown payload does not work when posted as it is printed in the document, I did not yet find the error.

The Drop selections schema is empty.

The images do not reflect the examples exactly which makes it hard to understand where the values will get shown i the result.

All in all I missed an advice to enclose the 3 lower JSON payloads into the body tag of the first one, otherwise no message content gets created.

With these improvements and the corrected dropdown example, this is a very helpful page!

We are actively working on improving our Bot docs, please be patient with us and keep an eye for improvements.
Thank you for sharing this so we can improve the examples/cookbook section of the bot message template docs!

Please have another look, I made some corrections to my first version…

Ah. Ok. That helps a bunch.
I will take a look at this later this afternoon and respond in kind.

Thanks Bernd! As Ben said, we are actively working on making our chatbot docs more comprehensive. Be on the lookout in the next week or so for a better getting started guide.

The link is broken, page moved to here without changes:

All errors were copied with the page.

@Bernd_Gewehr I’ve reported this to our docs team and they’re looking into it sir. In the meantime, this is the URL you are seeking: