Chatbot Working on dev but not production

We have been testing the bot functionality and it works perfectly on development, but whenever we try to send a message through the development endpoint we get the next replay.

I have double checked that im using the correct information for the production app ( Secret, Robot JID, Account ID, Client id and secret. Everything is right but it seems that production is restricted.

On the working test tenant this is what i get when trying to send a message through production:

Thanks in advance,

Hi @jorge.canavati,

With your production credentials have you generated your publishable url within your marketplace app?


Yes in both tenants. Developer and production tenants both have the same scopes, same type of endpoints and publishable URL have been created. Even the same script with the same message is being used. I dont seem to find the error. I have double checked the robot jid, to_jid, account id, client id, client secret in every case and i still wont get it.


Developer Tenant :
-Development Client - Working
-Production Client - Failed ( “Client or Users do not have permissions to send a message”)

Production Tenant:
-Development Client - Failed
-Production Client - Failed (“Client or Users do not have permissions to send a message”)

Thanks in advance.

HI @jorge.canavati,

From what I can see, it’s either a scope or wrong credentials that are missing on that account.

Can you send me the accountID, App ID, and production client Key/Secret to or the email thread that we’ve already have? We want to take a look at your account to see if all the right scopes and keys are there.