China based delegates unable to join via platform

Hey guys!

We are using the WebSDK integration - client view - and have reports that a number of users in China have been unable to join the meeting via the platform integration but are able to via the Zoom client app. We’re pulling the NPM package in and consuming the SDK that way FYI.

I’m still investigating to try and find out more detail but thought I would ask the question here in the meantime just in case there was an obvious solution. I’ve seen some answers to do with pointing towards the China CDN in the setZoomJSLib() function - is this the only fix or should I keep in mind anything else?

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Any thoughts? It would be really useful to get some guidance on this.

Hi, @mijodu,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum! You’re right, one option pointing towards the China CDN in the setZoomJSLib() function. I should note there are many things that can cause issues joining. If you could provide us with more details on what errors the users see when joining, that would help diagnose the issue. Would you be able to share if users were experiencing any issue(s) with audio and video latency while using a home or non-enterprise WiFi connection?

To that end, you can select a data center region to host your real-time meeting and webinar data in transit, here is a helpful article on the topic;

Helpful Articles:

Selecting data center regions for meetings/webinars

Also, Zoom Master APIs offers a way to manage “data center region” selection programmatically. (Everyone else has to use the portal). Specifically, the Account API, Group API, and User API have “custom_data_center_regions”. Here are the links to those API endpoints for your reference:

Account API (in_meeting Object): Zoom Meeting Master Account API

Group API (in_meeting Object): Zoom Meeting API

User API (in_meeting Object): Zoom Meeting API

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