Choose cloud storage region


Is it possible to choose the Zoom cloud region/location?

I see in the account config there is a way to set it to automatic or you can choose specific cloud regions but we are looking for a way to configure this based on different site locations. E.g. siteA=US, siteB=EU

I see a thread from 2020 about this, curious if there was any update
Select Data Region for data stored in Zoom Cloud Storage

We are using the Video SDK for Web, iOS and Android.


Hi @aaronp, happy to get a full answer on this for you. We can designate data center cloud (and recording) region, but the dynamic option to specify might be difficult. Can you specify what you mean by site locations? Will the same Video SDK account need to support designated regions for storage based on Session ID? In this instance, the best option might be to use separate SDK Keys/accounts for each site.

Hi @michael.zoom , thanks for the reply. Usman let us know that the region can be set per session. We experimented and it works exactly as we needed.

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Oh, awesome. Glad we’re able to support as needed.