Clarification Needed on Meeting SDK Application Policy for Private Apps

Hi team,

We recently received a notification regarding the policy on how Meeting SDK applications can operate, with a deadline of August 17th, 2023, to implement any necessary changes.

We currently have a private app that enables our meeting bot to join Zoom meetings as a guest. Since we have no intention of publishing the app, I am unclear about whether any modifications are required on our part. Could you please clarify this for us?

Below is the original notification:

Thank you for your assistance. ,

If your private meeting bot is joining a Zoom Meeting which resides outside of the meeting bot’s account, on August 17th 2023, it not be able to join these “external” meeting.

Publishing of application does not necessarily mean that your private meeting bot would be available for the public to use.

For the part on “new users will not be able to authenticate”, this is more on the OAuth section of the meeting sdk app.

I would still encourage you to publish your application if the meetings which the private meeting bot are residing outside of the meeting bot’s account.

Thanks so much for your reply, @chunsiong.zoom.

Our bot joins meetings hosted by any account. Could you please point me to the policy where it indicates this won’t be allowed after August 17th? , if your bots join meetings hosted by any account, it will stop working by the date which the email states.

Every customer has a slightly different deadline due to differently dated notice over email.
Based on the email which you have received, it is 17th August 2023.

The overarching policy which covers can be found here

Hi @chunsiong.zoom,

Thank you for the clarification. We have begun assessing the necessary changes based on the new policy. One of the steps involves creating a Technical Design Document. Due to the summer season, our team is operating with reduced capacity, and meeting the August 17th deadline will be challenging. Could we kindly request an extension of one month to ensure all requirements are met appropriately?

Hi ,

There will be no extension of this deadline. As long as your application is published, you will be able to join meetings outside of your account.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom,

We’ve submitted our application for review, as advised. However, I noticed a banner indicating that full publication can take over 4 weeks due to a review backlog. Given that the notice provided is just a month, there seems to be a potential misalignment between the review timeframe and the deadline, placing us in a challenging position.

We’re keen to adhere to the guidelines and ensure everything is in order. Could you please advise on how best to navigate this situation, considering the current review timelines? , do tag me here if you need help, or receive any blockers from the reviewer’s response.

Thanks @chunsiong.zoom,

The marketplace team is helping us through the review process. I’ll definitely reach out if we face any challenges or need further clarifications.

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