Submit for app aproval for meeting bot

I have two different apps (and this isn’t a new use case) - one where the user authorizes our service to receive webhook notifications, and then a meeting bot when we receive a notification that a meeting has started.

We are finally ready to submit for app approval, and I know we need to get approval on the OAuth app that gets the webhook notifications - but do we also need to get approval on the meeting SDK (meeting bot) app? It seems to work without approval but just wanted to make sure.

Hi Tyler,

SDK Apps are only able to join meetings that are hosted within the developer’s account. If the app wants to participate in meetings that are not hosted within the developer’s account, it must undergo our review process. Once the app has successfully passed the review process and has been published on the Marketplace, it will be allowed to participate in meetings hosted across different accounts.

Thank you!

@tylermanning, happy to walk you through the Zoom meeting bot approval process.
Because we provide a meeting bot API at we’ve helped 100+ companies through this already.

Always here if you need a resource!