Client Feedback\Customer Satisfaction Survey for Zoom Phone

Looks like the Client Feedback feature - ability for the user to rate experience at the end of the call is only applicable for Meetings and not Zoom Phone calls.

If that is so, it would be great that users could comment on the quality of their experience regardless whether they joined a conference or had any other type of call.

The solution would like to see:
Call Feedback Dialog enabled for Zoom Phone and also have ability to specify frequency of the dialog via account settings.

In case and if I am in the middle deploying Zoom phone I might like to collect more feedback and once system is in steady state , reduce frequency of showing the feedback dialog.

Hey @emelomed,

This is a good feature request, however, it is unrelated to the Zoom App Marketplace and APIs.

Can you pass this product feature request along to


Thanks Tommy.

Filed a support request for this


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Happy to help @emelomed! :slight_smile: