Client ID not being recognised

We’re using the dev credentials. But have tried the production ones too with the same result
Postman doesn’t appear to be of use as it’s using JWT and we want to use OAUTH

Hi @rich,

  1. For using development credentials, make sure to local test url. From there you should see the authorization screen.

  2. After you click Authorize, you will be redirected to your redirect url where you can use the OAuth Code.

  3. Once you get OAuth code, you can go to Postman to request your Access token. To do so, here is an example url, make sure to replace code with your OAuth code and your redirect url with what you have listed in your marketplace app. Also, for username enter in your development client ID and for password, enter in your developer Client Secret.

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks for the help

Using Postman I am getting the following response:
“reason”: “Invalid request : Redirect URI mismatch.”,
“error”: “invalid_request”

Even though the redirecturl works for the auth code and is copied directly out of the app config?
Config redirect uri

URL is now :

Username AB_0J0tQA2pe5altgs7Ww
Pwd aaViFxDnrRC4PMjaNZEwo68iar7Axkq0
Auth header is : Authorization : Basic QUJfMEowdFFBMnBlNWFsdGdzN1d3OmFhVmlGeERuclJDNFBNamFOWkV3bzY4aWFyN0F4a3Ew

Hey @rich,

I just tested and was able to reproduce your issue.

I believe the issue is having query params in the redirect url. Can you try removing them so your redirect url becomes

Let me know if that works!


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No. We can’t remove the query params, that’s how our system accepts call backs, otherwise you are probably behind a secure login.

However if the token request is only using the URI as validation we can give that a try, providing that we will never need to refresh the authorization code?

It seem odd that the URI works for supplying the auth code in the first place, and then fails when it is used again. We can’t be the first people to have query params in their redirect uri.

I will not be able to get to this until tommororw though, so will respond then.

Hey @rich,

Here is whats happening, in your app dashboard you have
as your redirect url.

Then when you go to authorize your app:

Zoom handles your &model=zoom&componentID=external_connections as the base URL’s query param, so Zoom is comparing


hence you getting the error:

“reason”: “Invalid request : Redirect URI mismatch.”,
“error”: “invalid_request”

(I tested having the first query param of ?ajax_response=oauth works, but when you add another one with & it breaks.)

This is the case for most OAuth flows including Googles API. (Referencing this stack overflow answer)

That being said,

The correct way to do this, is to add a query param to the end of the authorization url itself, instead of the redirect url.

For example in my App Dashboard I have as my redirect url, and then I added a &state=data query param to the auth url:{{ clientID }}&redirect_uri=

This will take you to

Then when requesting an access_token, pass I pass in as the redirect_url and it works.

Let me know if this helps!


Tried the suggest redirect uri.

And did finally get a valid response from Postman.

On second run got
“reason”: “Invalid request : token created error: Save Access token into Database error”,
“error”: “invalid_request”

I assume as I have a token and refresh token I can now use those to access the API.


So some progress. Using the retrieved refresh token a request to

“reason”: “Invalid Token!”, “error”: “invalid_request”

in code and in Postman?

Is this config on the zoom end?

Hey @rich,

What do you mean “On second run”? Which endpoint are you calling?

And Yes once you have an access_token you can call the Zoom API’s. The access_token only lasts for an hour so once it expires, to get a new access_token, use your refresh token to do so.



    "Authorization": "Basic base64Encoded({ ClientID }:{ ClientSecret })"


Hi, I still error
i’m using develop credentials

And I use oauth2 of postman, it return token

Hey @tnv.9119,

Please follow the OAuth guide here:


please I made all these steps but getting this error

Invalid client_id: (4,702)

my App Intent to publish option is false , I don’t want it to be in the marketplace , is it related to this error ?

Hey @rania.mohamed,

Please share more details like what step in OAuth you are seeing this error.


hey @tommy
this happens when get Access token second step, this is my request with the generated code

Hey @rania.mohamed,

Make sure to pass in the Basic Authorization header.

Authorization Header Description
Authorization The string “Basic” with your Client ID and Client Secret with a colon : in between, Base64 Encoded. For example, Client_ID:Client_Secret base64 encoded is Q2xpZW50X0lEOkNsaWVudF9TZWNyZXQ=


hey @tommy,

yes I’m doing this , and this is my curl

–header 'Authorization: Basic

is anything related to the application itself?
settings or something I should do?

Hey @rania.mohamed,

Please double check you are using the correct client secret, it does not look right.


hey @tommy ,
I updated it but nothing changed same error
and this is my new in curl:
–header ‘Authorization: Basic’ \

Hey @rania.mohamed,

If you don’t want your app to be published on the marketplace, you could use a JWT Token instead of an OAuth acess_token.