Closed Captioning API - Support for Multiple Lines of Captioning and Display Style

I have two questions related to the Zoom Closed Captioning API:

  1. Does the latest revision of the Zoom Closed Captioning API support control or management of the number of captioning lines displayed in a Zoom Meeting?


At present, only one line of captioning is displayed at a time during our test Zoom Meetings when sending captions through the Closed Caption API. It would be ideal if one could activate a second or third caption line so that up to three lines of caption text are displayed at the same time.

  1. Does the Zoom Closed Captioning API support control or management of the display style of each caption line? Specifically, can one instantiate a “roll-up” style of caption display instead of a “pop on” or “side scroll” display of caption text?


For a given Zoom Event, it would be ideal to set the display style via a Zoom Closed Captioning API call.

Which App Type?
Zoom Closed Captioning API to Zoom Meetings

Which Endpoint/s?
Zoom Closed Captioning API to Zoom Meetings

Hey @ben.roybal,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Since our Closed Captioning functionality is supported by our Technical Support team, they’ll be best suited to answer these questions. You can reach out to them directly here.



Thank you. I have submitted a ticket (#8956287) to the Technical Support team at this time.

Interestingly, the Zoom Closed Captioning API was not listed among the possible choices of applications that required support. The Technical Support form seems geared toward end-user applications as opposed to API, webhooks, etc.

Thanks for submitting a ticket, @ben.roybal. While most endpoints are supported by our team, this one in particular is handled by our Technical Support team. I can confirm they’ve received your request, and you should be hearing from them shortly.


I was notified four days ago that ticket #8956287 has been escalated. We will continue to stand by for an update.

Best Regards,


Thanks for confirming, Ben!

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