Closed Captioning API - ability to append rather than replace on screen captions

Hello, we are using the closed caption HTTPS based API specified here to add closed captions to meetings.

When we make an HTTP POST, the text we post replaces what was previously on screen. However we have noticed that using the closed captioning box within the Zoom client is more powerful. The onscreen caption updates in realtime as each character is typed (before the return key is pressed).

Is there a way we can continuously update the on screen closed caption using the API just like the zoom client does?

Also, we’ve noticed this functionally isn’t available on Zoom Rooms. The captioner has to type enter before the zoom room on-screen caption updates (unlike the zoom clients). Is this configurable in any way or on the roadmap to make the zoom room behaviour consistent with the zoom client?


Hey @matt1,

Currently it is not possible to append the closed captions like you are wanting to. This is a good idea though, go ahead and submit it to our product team directly here: