Cloud Recording metrics

Missing Cloud Recording Metrics?

Hi there!

Is there a way to know access logs or metrics regarding Zoom Cloud Recordings?
Looking at the API documentation and forum posts I didn’t see any endpoint to check “who” or how many times the Cloud Recordings have been downloaded or viewed.

The metrics we are looking for would be:

  • Number of views/downloads per Cloud Recording
  • What user viewed which Recording

Thanks in advanced!

Hi @adrian.san,

While this is a great suggestion, these metrics are not currently available via API. If you’re so inclined, I’d recommend submitting a feature request for this, as I can certainly appreciate the value in having access to these metrics: #feature-requests


Thanks for the response Will.
And do you if there is another alternative outside the API, for instance, using webhooks or martekplace Apps to achieve this?

Hey @adrian.san,

I believe you can view certain metrics in the UI. I’d recommend checking this article out and reaching out to our Technical Support team with any questions. :slight_smile:


Right! thank you, on the UI there are the metrics. I will submit a feature-request for making it accesible to the API

Thanks, @adrian.san. I can definitely appreciate the value in this, and appreciate your taking the time to submit a feature request!


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