How to get recording view/download counts or dates?

We want some information about our Cloud Recording views/downloads and I haven’t found the answer in the API documentation or the web interface.

When we’re determining which Cloud Recordings to keep, is there some data that could tell us the last time a recording was viewed/downloaded?

When our users are trying to measure impact of a Cloud Recording, is there a way to get a count or list of total views/downloads?

If you know of any data that is available through a Zoom interface, please let me know.

Hi @Jonathan_Champ,

I’m not sure if there is a way to get the recording view count via the API. Let me reach out to the Engineers and I’ll confirm if there is a workaround as soon as possible.


Hi @Jonathan_Champ,

Just following up, I wanted to confirm that right now, we don’t have a way to get the recording view and download counts via the API. However, we are tentatively planning on making this improvement within the next month or so.

Right now you can go to your Zoom Recording detail page and view the count per month.


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Thanks @michael_p.zoom! I did not notice that originally because it only shows up on hover. Good to know!

This will definitely help our users. Do you know if the recording view data is kept for more than 1 month? Does “this month” refer to “February” which started today or “since one month ago from this moment”? A popular question we get about recordings is “How many views within the past year?”

For the second question, being able to get the “last viewed” date from the API would allow us to implement a least-recently-used deletion model so that we can make sure we’re not deleting old recordings that are still getting a lot of activity.

any updates on this api endpoint thanks.


Thank you for following up on this. There is no update available for this at this time.