Combining Server-to-Server OAuth App with Webhooks

Dear Zoom Developer Support Team,

I am reaching out for guidance on integrating a Server-to-Server OAuth application with Zoom webhooks. I have utilized the starter API code from the Zoom GitHub repository and have extended it to process meeting participant data. My application successfully requests a meeting ID and retrieves participant information for past meetings. This data is then converted to CSV format, where it is further processed to determine attendee presence.

To streamline the process, I have also implemented webhook handling based on the Zoom webhook sample code. Both the Server-to-Server OAuth application and the webhook are functioning correctly as standalone components.

The goal is to have these two systems operate in concert: upon the conclusion of a meeting, as detected by a “meeting ended” webhook event, the meeting ID would be captured and subsequently used to trigger the participant data retrieval process via the Server-to-Server OAuth application.

Could you provide any recommendations or best practices for achieving this integration? Specifically, I am seeking advice on passing the meeting ID from the webhook event to the Server-to-Server application securely and efficiently.

Your expertise and any resources you could share on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,