Como empezar a usar api de zoom a mi sistema web.

Hola buenas tardes, pertenezco a una empresa que tiene un sistema web hecho en php como lenguaje principal, y me encuentro en la necesidad de usar el servicio que brinda zoom,  REST API. 
Necesito ayuda técnica para hacer esto, Espero y puedan solucionar mi problema. 

Hi Jheferson,

I plugged your question into Google Translate and got the following 

Hello good afternoon, I belong to a company that has a web system made in php as the main language, and I find myself in need of using the service that provides zoom, REST API. I need technical help to do this, I hope and they can solve my problem.

I see you started another thread in english and will continue there.

can you help me?



For simplicity, let’s keep this to one thread