REST API Development with PHP (Getting Started)

Greetings - I want to use the ZOOM Rest API for a Wordpress based website that manages our internal training events. So I would be making ZOOM Rest API calls within a WP custom plugin using PHP. I have a ZOOM account already.

I’ve looked over the majority of the developer documentation but I am still not real clear on how to get started, especially the OAuth2 vs JWT part. Can you point me to some recent doc(s) OR better yet code examples (in PHP) to get started? All of the YouTube videos that touch on this appear to be at least 3 years old now so I am not sure that they still apply to the v2 API.

Thanks in advance - Mark

Hi @mbeede,

Thank you for reaching out to our Zoom Developer Forum.

At this time we do not have any ready to use examples for Wordpress or PHP. That being said, we will take this as feedback, and pass on the request to our developers so that they can build something for future releases.

We have a quick start guide for OAuth with Zoom and one for JWT as well. You can consider choosing an implementation which suits best to your requirements. Please let us know if anything is confusing within the documentation.

Our current examples are in node, but you can create a custom implementation by referring to them.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Mark -

I’m not endorsing it, but it looks like there is a WordPress plugin that implements several pieces of the Zoom v2 API via JWT:

Of particular interest is this file if you’re trying to jump to the important part:

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