Company meeting stream

I need to create company meeting for 3-4 people which will discuss together. It is not a problem.

But I would like to stream this meeting live in our webpage (intranet) for other employees. These employees should not join the meeting, they should just watch it live. How can I configure this.
I do not want to stream it to facebook or youtube. Is it possible to show live stream directly from zoom tou our website?

Hey @nemcko.vladimir, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Your best bet is to embed the livestream from Youtube, Facebook, or a custom streaming service.. You can make the youtube and facebook streams private as well so now one sees them outside your webpage.

You can also use vimeo if that is a better option for you.


OK Can you help me with iframe codes for webpage in intranet.

For join I can use: (this works)
iframe style=“border:none; height: 600px; width: 100%;” src=“” sandbox=“allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin” allow=“microphone; camera”></iframe

Which code I should use for Live stream - probably standard youtube link video. :slight_smile:

Is there any possibility that people who just watch Live stream should write some comments to CHAT?

Hey @nemcko.vladimir,

Which streaming service are you trying to use with the iFrame?

Up to you if they want to chat.