Embed live meeting and presentetions in my website

I want to create an platform where users inserts the link (with meeting id and key )of zoom currently happening meetings and the user can view the meeting within my site. The video must be contain in a certain container of specific height and width. This is my first experience with zoom sdk.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
This is my first experience with zoom.

** my questions are ***

  1. Do i even need a web sdk or i could just use api to fetch the meeting.
  2. Does zoom provides the option to embed live meeting. In embedded video, It’s ok even if user is not able to interact with the video.
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Hey @rijalkrishna93,

For your use case, I suggest live streaming your meeting, and then embedding the livestream into your site.

Reasons being, your users don’t need to interact with the video, you can resize the livestream embed, and the connection and quality will be higher.


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thank you @tommy for your response,

firstly my requirements are:
1.user logins to our system
2. enter the zoom meeting url containing meeting key and id
3. need to play the meeting/webinar inside the system without redirection.

problems that arise using above solution:

  1. non-registered user will also have access to the streaming
  2. lets say there are 20 different urls. live streaming in youtube would be a problem.

note: it’s okay for pop up to get user name and email. but final window that ask if meeting should be started within browser or from mobile/desktop-application should not be displayed. and meeting/webinar should start inside a container.

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Hey @rijalkrishna93,

You could set the livestreama to unlisted or private so that it can only be viewed within your website.

You can also livestream to youtube programmatically using our API:

If you do not want go the livestream route, you can use the Web SDK to embed Zoom meetings/webinars within your website:



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