Concurrent Meeting Limit

As an API user (i.e. a user that purchased the API Partner Plan), is there a limit as to how many concurrent meetings (same start time) I can schedule?

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There is no limit on the number of concurrent meetings you can schedule. But you can only host one meeting at a time. For more details, please visit here:

We had a similar request from one of our users previously, and here is a workaround that I recommended him. Let me know if this works in your case: Host multiple concurrent 1-1 chats without user registration

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Thanks for your response.

Is there a limit on the number of custCreate users that an API Partner can create?

Theres no limit, but be cautious of what level of user you are creating as there could be billing implications.



Do these “custCreate” users show up on the users list? i.e. will Zoom account Admins now see a higher users count?

Correct. They will show up here until they activate their account by clicking the email sent to them.

Then once they activate their account, they will show up in this list on the Owner/Admin account.

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@tommy are you sure about that? According to the documentation of custCreate, “A user created in this way has no password and is not able to log into the Zoom web site or client.”

A custCreate user would not receive an email invite according to that documentation. So why would they show up in the Admin users list?

Hey @briceicle,

Apologies, you are correct. The custCreate users will not show up in the Admin users list.

The create users will show up in the Admin users list.


Thanks @tommy for confirming. What are the billing implications of custCreate users since they do not show up in the Admin users list?

Happy to help!

The custCreate is billed differently because it is part of our API Partner Plan.

For more information and to contact ISV Platform Sales about pricing click here.