Concurrent Zoom Meetings For Company

I have a simple use case. I have a zoom pro account. Now, i want to held different zoom meetings concurrently. Now, zoom doesn’t let me do that. And i am not sure about how many meetings i will be having simultaneously.
Is there a way that via api, before scheduling a meeting, i can see that all the current users have a meeting at that particular time, And then i can create a custom new user (not an actual user within our company) via api, and schedule a meeting with this custom user as a host and since this is a custom user, this user doesn’t have to join and other people can join the meeting.

Let me know, if i am unclear on any end.

Hi @sachinm ,

At this time, you can only host 1 meeting at a time.

But here is another approach:

You need to use the API plan, then utilize multiple custCreate users in this API:

custCreate user 1 will host one meeting
custCreate user 2 will host second meeting

custCreate user n will host nth meeting
custCreate user n+1 will be alternative host to all custCreate users {1 … n} so that this user has the ability to host any of these created meetings

Let me know if this helps.


Hi @Ojus

Can you please explain custcreate user in detail please. Does it need to be an actual user (actual email id within our company). Can I create it on the go. And how do I create it via the API. And does it need to be acknowledged after creation.


Hey @sachinm,

Here are the details about custCreate:


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