Need help in integrating Zoom Web SDK

I was planning to integrate the Zoom Web SDK into my website.
Following are the requirements:

  1. I need to schedule a zoom meeting for any user who is logged in to my system.
  2. There may be multiple users scheduling the meeting. And meetings could run concurrently.

What I need to understand is:

  1. What is the Zoom Plan I need to have to be able to perform above mentioned use-cases.
  2. Is there any API reference to handle this kind of scenario.
  3. Should I hit the create user API everytime a new user is trying to schedule a meeting?


Hey @barshatrai99,

First off, you cannot have a single Zoom user run concurrent meetings:

You will need to have multiple users to be the meeting hosts if you want to run meetings at the same time.

That being said, do you know if you want to use OAuth to have existing Zoom users connect their account to your app, or do you want to create a user account for each of your users on your own Zoom account?


Thanks a lot Tommy.
I believe my Use case is the second one, i.e. Create a user account for each of my users on my own Zoom account.
I will read the document that you have provided, but quickly wanted to understand few things:-

  1. Can I create users on the fly via an API? If so, what is the maximum number of users I can create?
  2. If there is a limit in number of users I can create, what alternative approach can I follow to not exhaust this limit? Maybe delete the users after their meeting is completed?
  3. There may be a case that there is a user who already has an account with zoom, but if he comes through my application, I want a new user id be generated for this user under my account? Is it possible? Or does Zoom maintain some internal mapping of email ids?

Once again, thank you for your time.


Hey @barshatrai99,

Yes, you can create up to 9,999 users. Due note there are different types of users you can create like, custCreate, which is an API only user but requires a special ISV plan.

Yep, you can spin up users on demand (creating and deleting them).

You will just have to create a new user for them, I suggest it be the custCreate user which is an API only user and does not have a login.


Thanks Tommy,
This helps a lot.

Just one more question. The custUser that you have mentioned. If I schedule a meeting with a custUser with my zoom pro account, will I have the capability to use pro features like cloud recordings?

Thanks and Regards,

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Hey @barshatrai99,

Yes, if the custCreate user is a licensed user. :slight_smile:


Thanks Tommy,
That helps.


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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


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